Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Genuinely organic

We all know that "organic" has become a trendy label, and all sorts of questionable practices are being used by big manufacturers who technically qualify as organic, while ignoring the real spirit of organic farming. Two links on the topic: click here for a very useful rating of organic dairies based on criteria such as control over milk production and percentage of profits that go to family farmers; and click here for the standards of "authentic food," food which reflects the values that organic once implied.


Joe Greene said...

Fantastic post. Thanks very much for the link to Eliot COleman's "Authentic Food." This new label is sorely needed and he is perfect for the job of defining and popularizing it. Look for an "authentic food" post from Liberty Farm soon!

plentyo'moxie said...

sorry to put this here (couldn't find an email) - I saw a post of yours over at I'm Mad and I eat about how you are going to try the Eat Local thing in June - by all means, but I want to put a little bug in your ear for August. August was last year's overall challenge month, and many in the Northeast (I'm in NH) are going for August again. My thinking being, the more people we can get focused on a single month, the more it might pervade our culture and convince people not online, not dedicated to foodie-dom, to take a couple steps in the right direction.

And thanks a rot, btw ;) - now that I've seen your site I'm going to spend the next hour looking through your excellent links! (I've started a baby wiki here:, where I'll be trying to accomplish what you've already managed to do.)

plentyo'moxie said...

email (fyi) and so i don't keep cluttering up your blog with personal conversation: scrappylibrarian AT gmail DOT com

Its sort of freakish how many library types with foodie tendencies I run into - also, Jessamyn West was saying one time that more librarians she knows have food blogs than library blogs -