Thursday, March 23, 2006

And speaking of bread pudding...

I just wanted to share an experiment I tried this weekend that worked out beautifully. I was having an itch for bread pudding (something that happens once every, oh, month or so), and I also had about half a loaaf of stale bread to use up. So far, so good, except the bread was a rather dense part-wheat sourdough. Generally, I like to use brioche, cinnamon bread, plain white - anything soft and a little sweet. I wasn't too worried about the texture, because though the crumb may have been a bit tight, this loaf wasn't terribly chewy. I figured once it dried out, it would work fine. But sourdough? In a moment of inspiration (okay, not really a big one or anything, we're not talking Newton here), I decided to go with the sour flavor rather than fight it. So I used my regular bread pudding ratio, but subbed buttermilk for plain milk.

This was the final recipe:
1/2 loaf wheat sourdough, cut into cubes and dried thoroughly
3/4 cup buttermilk
3/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
raisins - I don't know, maybe 1/2 cup? More? soaked in dark rum
About 1 T butter

Whisk together the buttermilk, cream and eggs. Strain through a sieve. Fold in the cubes of bread and let the mixture sit in the fridge for at least an hour. Fold in the raisins. Put the whole mixture in a buttered dish, then dot some butter on the top. Bake in a waterbath at 300 degrees.

I skipped the vanilla I usually use, because I didn't want that sweet floral note to get in the way of the buttermilk flavor. The result: a lovely, old-fashioned bread pudding, with a nice tang which contrasted well with the dark sweetness of the raisins. Recommended, particularly if you, like me, often end up with ends of sourdough around the house.


Genevieve said...

hello hello! i found you through beyond salmon. i'm from the area as well, and i love finding other local food bloggers.

by the way - i spent a summer working at the iggy's bread of the world store/farmer's market stands. their brioche makes a mean bread pudding. :)

lindy said...

This sounds a lovely varient.Savory bread puddings with say, mushrooms, would be nice, maybe? I like to try making bread puddings from all sorts of baked goods.

On the other end of the scale from the sourdough (sweeter/richer)is bread pudding from stale croissants. It's puffy and sweet and fancy. Especially good with some sugared almonds on top.

I tried one once from some dubious bakery "chocolate bread" which redeemed itself as b.p.

Ivonne said...


That sounds delicious. And I admire your ability to come up with your own recipe. If you can believe it I have NEVER made bread pudding.

Can you recommend a good basic recipe to start off with?