Friday, June 17, 2005

My first farm share delivery of the season. Posted by Hello

I have a half-share at Parker Farms. The first two deliveries were cancelled due to weather - the crops just weren't ready. But this week made up for it, at least in the greens category (not much else ripe in New England in mid-June). I'm always terribly excited to get the first delivery, and then when I get it, I'm overwhelmed at the prospect of using up so many greens in a week. This week's share included arugula, red leaf lettuce, spinach, escarole, two bags of loose leaf lettuce (not shown), mustard greens, and sugar snap peas (thank god, something that's not leafy.) I guess it's salad for dinner. And lunch. And dinner.

The Coolidge Corner farmers' market opened this week. As usual, it's the among the best of the markets. Not all the booths are there yet - the turkey man and his fabulous pot pies didn't make an appearance, for exmple - but there were several vegetable vendors with all those greens (needless to say, I didn't buy any), radishes, leeks and fresh garlic,; several bakers; lots of plants and herbs, and two booths for cheese. I went with a wasabi goat cheese, which sounds like a big fusion error, but is actually really good. The cheese is very creamy and soft, not heavily goaty, and the wasabi provides just a touch of bite.

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