Monday, June 06, 2005

Harvard Square Market, at last

Last week's Harvard Square market was too dismal to write about, just a few plants and some pottery and leather bags being sold under a dark and dreary sky. But this week felt like summer. The sky was shining, and the vegetables were piled high. At least one farmer was selling radishes, fresh garlic, baby leeks, rhubarb and asparagus. There were two farmers selling plants, one specializing in perennials, the other in herbs and vegetables. River Rock Farm was there with their excellent beef. And there was a pickle purveyor, Moon Shine pickles, offering samples of dill and hot pickles. The two pickles were very distinctive - the hot were quite hot with peppers and horseradish; the dill were assertive dilly. I bought a quart of the hot for five dollars and intend to get the dill on the next round.

The cold, wet weather has definitely delayed the season, though. My farm share was supposed to have started last week, but is postponed until next.

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