Friday, June 24, 2005

CSA - week two. Radishes! Posted by Hello

A little color mixed into the green always helps. As you, my imaginary internet readers, can see, this week's box included cilantro, bok choi, arugula, radishes, broccoli rabe, and romaine lettuce. You can't see the English peas, because I forgot to include them in the picture.

This blog was supposed to be about cooking the food, not just buying it, but I'm afraid my cooking lately has been on the simple side. As in: Shake salad dressing. Open bottle. Apply to lettuce. Consume. Repeat. I've also had a lot of fried eggs with greens. I love a nice egg over easy, laid over some sauteed greens or steamed asparagus. A little black pepper, a little salt, then put your fork right through the center of the yolk and let it ooze gently over the greens. Delicious, but not exactly a recipe to share with my imaginary readers. But perhaps this weekend I'll have a chance to do some real cooking.

And tomorrow is pig day.

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