Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cherry, cherry

Got some cherries at the Central Square market on Monday. The sign in front of them clearly read "Sweet Cherries." But apparently there are varying degrees of sweet. These were sweet enough to eat straight, but only just, and had the bright cherry flavor of sours, rather than the winey depth of Bings. I decided to bake with them.

And, surprise, they were really good. Generally, I dislike cooked cherries - the sours have just the one sour note, which is normally overwhelmed by heavy sweetening. The Bings lose all complexity. But these retained their sprightly* cherry flavor, and also kept a nice firm texture while giving off a good bit of juice. I baked them in a simple crumble with a few drops of almond extract and a touch of tapioca to thicken. I was quite happy with the results, which looked nice too, and if I had remembered to bring my camera home from the office, you could have seen that. But I, um, didn't.

I will be sure to ask the farmer about the variety of cherry a week from Monday. But this Monday I will be in Montreal, taking pictures (I promise) at the Jean Talon market.

* Yeah, I said sprightly. You got a problem with that?

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