Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Media flotsam and jetsam

There's a nice article in today's Globe about local eating. Good to see so much attention given to movement.

I know everyone's already seen this story about CBS advertising its new shows on egg shells, but I just wanted to express my general disgust. There's this weird tendency in the mainstream food world to make food something other than food. Have you seen the Cheerios games on the back of the boxes? The whole business is creepy, particularly for those of us who try to avoid advertising as best we can.

According to the All Things Maine blog, this farm is the only place in New England growing hops commercially, which is interesting, because, as I understand it, hops will pretty much grow like gangbusters here. Good news for local brewers, which J. is supposed to start becoming as soon as the hot weather is over.

Finally, I'm thinking about writing an article about Boston food bloggers, with an emphasis on those who are interested in seasonal eating. Probably won't get started on this for a few weeks, because I have a lot going on just at the moment. But if you're a Boston-area blogger who might want to talk about blogging. let me know.


The Jeff Next Door said...

Ugh. You know, I'm just waiting for someone to sell advertising space on the inside of my eyelids. However, I think that the relationship between advertising and food has progressed as fewer and fewer people prepare homemade meals with fresh ingredients. All those boxes of instant whatever have a lot of space for advertising and need to be eyecatching -- because instant whatever in a box on a shelf would otherwise have nothing to distinguish it from the 300 other instant whatevers in a box on the shelf.

Phang said...

You know, your blog rocks, too!

Thank you for stopping by my bee blog -- would you be interested in a jar of honey, even though it is not local to you? It's VERY local to me!

Just drop me an email ( or post another comment at CityBees, and I will send it along. I won't publish your comment if you ask me not to! :-)

Liz said...

Thanks for the info on the Maine hops... husband is a brewer, so it's very handy.