Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas shopping

I am, thank goodness, all done with my shopping, but I've been researching local food providers for a post I'm intending to do in the next week or two, so I thought I would pass on some of the things I've found. I can't vouch for all of these producers from personal experience, but they look worthy of investigation:
Shaker dried herbs and rose water
Rhode-Island-grown flint corn meal for jonnycakes
Real Maine sea salt: plain, smoked and herb
Wild mushrooms from Maine
More Maine mushrooms
Maine Sea Vegetables
Smoked salmon
Hard cider - I've had some of this company's cider, and there are some good ones. Others I haven't liked as much. Depends on how sweet and how bubbly you like your cider.
Blueberry wine – don’t knock it 'til you try it. I've had the oak dry, and it's really very good.
More hard cider
Smoked Maine seafood (I can personally recommend this company)
A listing of Vermont cheesemakers
A listing of New England cheesemakers

Local honey and maple syrup are widely available.

All of the above are New-England-made and New-England-grown. There are also lots of New-England-made food products created from ingredients that are grown elsewhere (like sugar).

You might also consider buying gifts that allow people to grow or make their own food. I've bought one friend a mushroom-growing kit from Fungi Perfecti, and my boyfriend will be getting a kit for making beer at home.


mzn said...

Oh I do hope to read about the BF's home brewing on TSC one of these days. (I read somewhere, btw, that you can brew beer--a little at a time--in a drip coffee maker.)

These are great links. I wish someone would do the same for midwestern sources. Perhaps I should be the one.

Harvey A. Ramer said...

If you can't find maple syrup and maple candy locally, a great place to buy maple syrup and maple products online is Golden Maple Shanty. The business is located in Lowville, NY.