Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ugly, but delicious

No photo today, because nothing could make my lunch look good. It tasted great, though.

Ever get caught out without any food in the house? I couldn't believe how empty my fridge was Sunday night. I had a touch of some sort of virus or other last week, so I missed my vegetable pickup. I had spent Saturday out at the Brimfield antique fair (got some great 1920s cookbooks), so I didn't have much in the way of leftovers. And I haven't done a proper pantry-stocking in months. So I had no bread, no cheese, no pasta, no meat, just one egg, no crackers, no peanut butter, no yogurt, no vegetables except potatoes. I had nothing.

But I was determined to make myself lunch, because every time I buy lunch out I feel like I've lost at some sort of personal game. So I made: What-I've-Got-Salad. And it's pretty good. I mixed some boiled potatoes, a can of wood-smoked sardines in oil, the egg (boiled), some mayo, paprika, celery seed, pepper, mustard, a drop of Worcestershire, and salt. And, lo, it was tasty.

Monday night, I shopped.

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