Monday, September 26, 2005

A Lady Apple. Posted by Picasa

I love a Pink Lady, which is a combination of 1 oz gin, 1 oz calvados, 1 oz lime or lemon juice (lemon is traditional, lime is better), and a little grenadine. It's crisp, with a similar balance between sweet and tart that you get in a good margarita, but more versatile. I wanted one the other night, but lacked, well, both apple brandy and lime juice. Undaunted, the boyfriend decided to make a pink lady with gin, regular brandy, and Granny Smith apple juice, freshly produced from a juicer. Since fresh green apple juice is sweeter than lime juice, he skipped the grenadine, which would have ruined the amazing color anyway. Note: the color did not turn brown as the drank sat, as I feared. Maybe it was the alcohol? Anyway, I've decided to call it a Lady Apple. Calvados could only make it better.


Anonymous said...
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mzn said...

That looks delicious. There's a green apple sorbet recipe in the Gourmet cookbook that calls for a vitamin C tablet pounded into powder to keep the apple from browning. By the way, turning on word verification will solve your spambot comments problem.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am aware the alcohol will provide protection against oxidation of the apple flesh in the drink. The alcohol will generally oxidise before the other constituents of the apple there maintaining the pigments in their 'fresh' colour.