Tuesday, May 24, 2005

First farmer's market

Well, they were there, those intrepid farmers! There were just a few booths, as is usual this early in the season. Mostly, they were selling plants, but you could get rhubarb, lettuce, and asparagus, as well as eggs, pies, bread, cookies, and maple sugar candies. I bought beautiful eggs from a farm in Belchertown and a bunch of asparagus from Boisvert Farm in Hadley. For dinner last night, I steamed the asparagus, scrambled the eggs and ate them together, with just a little butter, salt and pepper.

It was fantastic.

The eggs were very flavorful, with deep orange yolks that made scrambled eggs the color of a Buddhist monk’s robe. The asparagus proved that it ain’t about the size – these were thick spears, not the baby-thin straws that people ooh and ahh over, but they were much more tender than most of the thinner asparagus I had last year. So, all in all, a good start to the season, despite the rain.

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