Friday, August 24, 2007

Youtube and Food

I spent many sunny hours of my youth that probably would have better been spent riding a bike or throwing a Frisbee inside, watching cooking shows. Julia, of course, was the queen of all, and I can still waste untold hours in her company. (Buy the DVD box sets and keep them around for the next time you're stuck on the couch with a cold - you will NOT be sorry). But there was also the slightly-creepy-but-informative Jeff Smith, the loud Cajun guy with the suspenders, and some less-memorable and shorter-lived PBS on-air cooks. Today, of course, the Food Network is superhot, and sometimes I feel like a bad foodie for not knowing a damned thing about those people. I don't have cable, what can I say?

But I do have YouTube. And the cooking goodies there are not to be beat - in the best internet style, you can find home videos of people in their kitchens, snippets from the big cooking shows (probably illegally posted), old educational films about food, and random weirdness.

First, great actor, and amazing dancer, and cook? Why every girl loves Christopher Walken (despite finding him, you know, scary.)

Solar cooking:

Cooking terms - a 1950s educational film. Corny, but surprisingly practical and informative for a novice cook. My favorite line: "At some time during your career as a cook, you will decide to serve scalloped cauliflower." You will, indeed.

And finally, foods on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair:

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