Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taking Stock

I've been sick this week and not really up for posting, despite having made a really nice Polish hunter's stew this weekendwith a walnut-date-rum strudel for dessert, and having drunk several interesting local wines with it and tasted some amazing cheeses my friends brought over. All that should have made for decent posting fodder, but I was too sick to think about it, and now I have nothing to say.

Except this: two chicken backs from free-range chickens (saved from cutting apart whole chickens for parts), plus the leftover picked carcasses of two chickens and one duck (from the stew) with the necks from all, will make the best poultry stock you've ever tasted. I've never been so pleased with a stock. The flavor was intense AND it was well and truly gelled. Too often, I end up with one or the other, a good gel or a good flavor. This was perfect, and I've got two quarts of it. There is simply nothing more satisfying than getting something for nothing, and stock made from trimmings and carcasses is the best example of that.

Also, good when you're sick. A-choo.


Tim said...

Being sick is just not good at all. It the best time to take it easy with a big bowl of home made soup - sounds like your stock would make a great soup base. I preprepare chicken & roast garlic soup and freeze in single serves for those times when you need a tasty little something and an early night!

Leslie said...

Thanks for your comments at 'dreams and bones.' That's how I found your wonderful blog. Thoroughly enjoy writing, recipes and excellent links.