Monday, June 12, 2006

Good advice

Stupid Blogger. My posts keep disappearing. I have no patience to rewrite the last one, so I will just direct you to the interview in Salon with Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition at NYU with one fab quote, full of good advice:

I have these facetious rules. Always shop the periphery. Don't go into the center aisles. If you do go into the center aisles, don't buy anything with more than five ingredients. If you can't pronounce the ingredients on the package label, don't buy it. Don't buy anything with a cartoon on it. If you don't want your kids eating junk food, don't have it in the home.


Joe Greene said...

Very good advice, indeed.

Walter Jeffries said...

Blogger can be such a pain. I've moved one of my blogs ( over to WordPress ( I'm going to move my other blog over too. It is very easy to setup and import all my blogger posts.