Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I used the plate. For Martha's Hot and Sour Salad

Okay, so it's not the MOST exciting use of the plate, but I used it! For food that was edible!

I actually liked this salad a lot, though the boyfriend thought it was too much work for something "not transcendent." This may be the first recipe I've ever used from Martha Stewart. I confess, blushingly, that I adore Martha Stewart. Maybe not Martha the gal, who is distinctly scary, but Martha the style-brand-concept. I love the look of her magazine; I love the food photos; I love how absolutely amazing the staff of MS Living can make the worst junk look. I'm sold on the whole deal. But it's just never occurred to me to make the recipes.

This is a salad from a recent issue. I gave it to the boyfriend because he loves salads, and salads with Asian flavors particularly. Also, I had to make it because the picture in the magazine showed the salad on a plain, square, white plate! Clearly, this was a sign. Anyway, the dressing was a bit bland, despite the presence of fish sauce, lime juice, and fresh ginger, so himself was disappointed. But I liked it even without the dressing, because the combination of grapefruit and mint is one of my favorites, and the crisp mildness of the Napa cabbage set those flavors off well. It stood up well, too. Left naked, it was nearly as fresh tasting Monday afternoon as it was Saturday night. Posted by Picasa

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