Monday, January 30, 2006


Lately it seems like I've been having conversations with everyone I know about NAIS, the crazy-stupid animal tracking system the USDA is planning to make mandatory, at the expense of small farmers and the people who love them. Now Walter Jeffries has written to let me know that he has started a blog exclusively devoted to following the NAIS debate: (Guess you know where Walter stands on the issue, huh?

Sorry to be so long away from posting. I have a few posts-in-progress, so I won't be quiet for long.

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BlackCrow said...

Hi Pyewacket, can't remeber how I stumbled across your blog but I'm glas I did.
My boyfriend and I have just started our own cooking blog.
As I'm reading yours I see we share alot of the same values about cooking, we grow our own food organically and what we can't grow we buy organically too.
I hope we can get to know one another virtually and share some foodie talk:)