Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Figured Out Links

See the list of links? On the side of the page? I didn't, until about two weeks ago, at which point I couldn't figure out how to change them, because I can sometimes be a moron. Now I've figured it all out, and I've added a few links. The link to Chowhound, my foodie online home, is a no-brainer. Chocolate and Zucchini hardly needs more publicity from me, but I read it and like it, so here it is. Haverchuk is written by Chowhound's mzn, who shares a lot of my food-related interests. Bitter Greens takes on the world of agri-business and champions small farmers. And I've just added Sugar Mountain Farm, a small farmer who posted a nice comment here about my pork article. It turns out he pastures pigs in Vermont and has an interesting blog about the farming life. I've also linked to Mamashoe, which is the amazing farm where I bought my organic, pastured pork.

Oh, and my apologies for not posting much lately. My job has been taking up a lot of time, and then I got really sick for a few days. Maybe tomorrow I'll post on the food choices available at my local packie, which was the closest purveyor of food I could drag myself to when just standing up was problematic. Thank god for Haagen Daz.

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