Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Book recommendation

I just finished reading Reclaiming the Commons, by Brian Donahue, and I want to recommend it. This book is both a study of a community farm in Weston, Massachusetts and a blueprint for the development of community farms and managed forests for the future. The book would probably appeal most strongly to New Englanders, as he develops his discussion with historical information about agricultural in New England, specifics about the New England ecosystems, and so on. But I think anyone who is interested in local farming could get something from his very practical approach. The section on forestry is particularly well done. Check it out.

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doctor_mama said...

Wandered over from Chowhound and I really like your blog. I live not too far from you and have many of the same interests. Based on your recommendation we are going to try the tasting menu at Bistro 5 this weekend. Do you remember the price range, by any chance?